Saturday, 19 February 2011

my collection. verdun

this is a stadden that i am painting again not finishedBattle of Verdun (French Bataille de Verdun, IPA: [də vɛʁ ba ' taj ' dœ̃]; in German Schlacht um Verdun, IPA: [' vɛɐ ' ʃlaxt ˀ ʊm dœŋ]) or operation Gericht (judgment) was the only large German offensive, which took place between the first battle of the Marne in 1914 and the last General Ludendorff's offensive in the spring of 1918.[7]

He was one of the most violent and bloody battles all over the Western front during World War I; began on 21 February 1916 and ended in December of that year, seeing opposing the German army, led by Chief of staff, General Erich von Falkenhayn,  and the French army, led by Commander-in-Chief Joseph Joffre  replaced at the end of 1916 with General Robert Nivelle.

Verdun formed a crucial turning point in the war marked the time when the main weight of transactions on the Western front came from France to the British Empire, made concrete possibilities vanish the still of Germany to win the war and was influential in the United States ' entry into the war in the conflict.

This frightening battle became a sacred national legend in France, synonymous with strength, heroism and suffering the effects of which persist even today and remember;tcontrolling your content and was the longest battle of all time,
involved almost three quarters of the French armies, and although in the story, and in the first world war, there were also several bloody battles, Verdun holds the unenviable record of battlefield with the greatest density of deaths per square metre.

The fact of weapons closest to Verdun came during the second world war and was the battle of Stalingrad, often considered a "Russian" Verdun,  but while at Stalingrad, the German army attempted the conquest of a strategically important city, at Verdun, the purpose of the offensive of Falkenhayn was to drain "drop" the French army. in the plans of the German Chief of staff, the importance of a moral and propaganda attack on Verdun would have made sure that all the effort you should have flowed into the French defence a cornerstone considered important for France. zouave
The aim was to convey the most number of enemy troops in one area, then hit him with the maximum possible with the violent use of artillery, so dissanguarlo slowly infliggendogli the largest number of possible losses.
this is from a finished mould of dunkin in texas , i painted it but its not finished yet

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