Friday, 16 April 2010

The only painter ever done in plastic

Since the 1930s historians have attempted to establish Corot as the precursor of Impressionism, the inventor of sunlit landscapes untroubled by anecdote or meaningful incident. Struck by his marvelous studies painted in the open air in Italy, the writers Germain Bazin and Kenneth Clark saw Corot as the perfectly optical painter with a perfectly innocent eye - in short, the unthinking man's painter - so long as he was only sketching from nature. Comparing the on-the-spot study of the bridge at Narni with the finished Salon painting of the same view, Bazin called the former "a marvel of spontaneity in which there is already the germ of Impressionism.


  1. Not exactly the same thing of course but English company Replicants produce a pretty good "War Correspondent" which is compatible with the Civil War period. Barszo do a nice Movie Crew which I really should have bought in London last month.

  2. take your point . see my new post, the start of a series