Thursday, 27 January 2011

Comanche Moon

one of the most insane insipid things about blogs on the internet is the amount of people who read something then because it results positive with how they see the world then give it out as the sacred words of truth. One bloke who is divorced but constantly gives lessons in morality is such a cretin. His religous and so called common sense blog is nothing short of the kettle calling the pot black. Lets face it theres nothing wrong in divorce but lets not have religous morality lessons afterwards not to speak of this geezer's idea that most of Muslimworld would be better off nuked.(thayts his underlying hope).
truth on the other hand is like gathering saffron, you work on it for extremely long periods and gain little. But something speaks genuine about a new film at least for europe called comanche Moon.these Timpo swoppits are comanches in my opinion.The main problem in the movie is the screenplay. The adaptation of the book to a script for the screen was a total flop, resulting in a mini series which is essentially a patchwork of sketches, an incoherent blur of a movie that makes very little sense. It's a pity, because there certainly was potential here; some of the aspects of the film were rather good, especially the costumes and the make up which gave it a very realistic feel.
 The acting was not that bad either (with the exception of Karl Urban who is so stiff it is ridiculous, and Elizabeth Banks who plays the town hooker as if she was the Virgin Mary), but after all is said and done, everything comes back to the mindless screenplay. And there all else fails.This is particular to many films today, the great directors are gone, storytellers are gone, we wonder how some directors ever get to be on the screen with their films.So read the book its brilliant.

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