Sunday, 30 January 2011

MELEGARI hats in monza

They make a hat called the Bogart and it comes in different material. Its made on their premises faithful to the Bogie style.Near the bridge of the lion is a special place that if you are visiting Italy will be a must on your list of things to do if you like style. Its one of those places that carry on the old traditions. I don't know what they ask for a bespoke hat but one which is already made in a variety of sizes is around 65 pounds.

this is for birds

You are entering a place a little special, here survives a world so archaic yet so modern, a place made of ancient tools, knowledge and tradition. A place made of steam ... that white steam which is never enough to make a hat! And then at the end after much toil and mess and seemingly like the work shop of hell... always comes back to heaven.

Visit the largest specialised shop selling hats and caps online of Italy. If you can't find what you're looking for you can always contact us: you'll have an assortment of thousands of articles and also custom tailored hats.

For telephone orders:-0272000088-0392301299

You can conveniently pay with:Bank transfer, postepay, cash, credit cards via paypal

this shop also does great walking sticks

you have a short walk from Monza Station to get to this great shop, one of a kind.Payment,Bank transfer, postepay, cash, credit cards via paypalh

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