Monday, 7 February 2011

Hobby and Works new sets

.Hoby and work an Italian publishing company have just put on Italian nestands the first two issues of their new fortnightly magazines with 65mm soldier. I have put a list below. I'm not buying them but they are good and each issue is around ten quid. Hobby and Work have done about five series of painted toy soldiers or model soldiers.The most elusive was around ten years ago when they brought out a 4o man set unpainted.These were WW2 and impossible to find now. Rifleman Waffen SS (tab)

2. Jack Afrika Korps (tab)

3. Panzer Commander (tab)

4. Wehrmacht Infantryman

5. Luftwaffe fighter Pilot

6. Wehrmacht Gunner

7. Submariner U-Boot

8. military police

9. Fallschirmjäger

10. Wehrmacht Officer

11. Jack Wehrmacht-Russian front

12. Wehrmacht General

13. SS Panzer Commander

14. Official Africa Korps

15. Sharpshooter

4. Official Gebirgjäger

17. Tanker

18. Leibstandandarte SS

19. Sailor Kriegsmarine

20. u-boat Commander

21. Pilot, Luftwaffe bombers

22. Fallschirmjäger (held by launch)

23. Sergeant Wehrmacht

24. Corporal tanker

25. Official Kriegsmarine

26. Official Sturmgeschütz

27. Fallschirmjäger – Monte Cassino

28. Hunter of wagons

29. Aviere Luftwaffe

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