Monday, 11 April 2011

boulton paul defiant by corgi

Designed to meet a British Air Ministry requirement for a two-seat fighter with power-operated gun turret, the P.82 Defiant was first flown August 11th, 1937. At the time, it was thought that turret-equipped fighters would be necessary to engage large bomber formations, enabling the pilot to maneuver into the target's blind spot while the gunner pressed home the attack. Unfortunately though, it was soon discovered that the additional weight and drag of the turret inhibited the Defiant's ability to out-maneuver enemy fighter escorts and the design was re-tasked with night-fighter and air-sea-rescue roles.

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Corgi's 1:72 scale Defiant is a very well-executed model designed with great attention to detail. The center piece of this model is its’ dorsal mounted 360 degree rotating turret with four pivoting machine guns. The model can be displayed with its fore-and-aft aerodynamic fairings lowered for battle or raised for cruise speeds. The solid metal wing’s leading edge features two transparent landing light lens and a robust metal pitot tube. The main landing gear is constructed as subassemblies and quickly lock in place for ground display. The ventral antenna can be configured for display in lowered in-flight position or raised ground position.

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