Friday, 1 April 2011

Make mine a liebfraumilch. How wetherspoons are losing the plot

the adolf hitler at hornchurch
"Thats 3.50 please"
Haven't you got that wrong"?
"No its 3.50 "
we are in wetherspoons Tyburn pub at Marble Arch london and the bar man is charging me 3.50 for a pint of bitter. I'd said to him pint of best bitter please and the cost is 3.50. Later I emailed wetherspoons and they said that only Lager is 3.50 at the Tyburn. Moral of the story is whatever is going on  Tim wetherspoon has lost the plot.
Why would you go in a Wetherspoons pub if the beer isn't cheap, thats why you go there. If its the same price as a normal pub then you'd go to a pub where they've got good staff, a decent hands on governor and good beer (Wetherspoons have good beer), you might choose a good Youngs pub for instance.chav-outside-wetherspoons
outside wetherspoons
But Wetherspoons had a great concept when they first started out but its quickly going down the drain, the staff present nearly everyday the same scenario of serving people first who have just arrived at the bar and they can't cook chips but if you tell them this then you get blocked from their facebook friends list so you can't make any negative comments.
Tim said in his house mag that it was wrong of his staff not to reply to applicants looking for jobs but when I sent them the name of someone with a very good catering background twice they didn't even reply: If you talk about their food then its worth what it costs or even less, the last curry i had in the gate house highgate was truly the pits and not worth the pittance paid, yeah not worth it.

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