Thursday, 15 September 2011

crimea by romeo models

Zouave of the Guard – Crimea 1854-56Zwawa (transformed into the French Zouave), were Algerian tribes that in 1830 constituted the embryo of the indigenous troops of the French army. Originally the Zouave corps consisted of two battalions to which a third was later added. The Zouaves regiment of the Guard was created the 23rd December 1854 and received its baptism of fire in Crimea. Paint: Fez: (or chechia) red with yellow woollen ribbon and knot. Waistcoat: (or sedria) dark bleu with yellow chevrons around the collar and on the front. Tunic: dark bleu with yellow chevrons and cord; yellow V chevron around red cuffs. Trousers: red plus-fours with yellow Hungarian chevron around pockets and in between the two yellow stripes. Cummerbund: blue woollen sash, m.4,20 long. Cape with hood: (caban a capuchin) grey-bluish with red braiding and small copper buttons. Leggings: sheepskin with black laces and bottom edge. Gaiters: White canvas with bone buttons. Belt: dark leather with gilt buckle and centred grenade. Cartridge-box: dark leather with gilt eagle. Bayonet: dark leather sheath and brass end. Shoes: dark leather. model is 26 pounds

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