Friday, 15 June 2012

starfting a business and making money from model and toy soldiers

First of all unless you have huge amounts of money to put into your business like King and Country then you won't maoutke a living selling to the normal collector, most of these are wastes of time as regards a regular living.Basically if youy are a cottage type industry you need to find unlikely and likely selling points for your soldiers.
1.Museums and Tourist centres. These are still untapped and you can get a good situation here once you get your production into their selling points.Don't go in saying you have this and that. Check out what they are and then say you have the pieces that go with their reason to be. I sold a lot of Riflemen to a small museum in Dorset that had never thought about soldiers and still do.
2.Think about places where they sell to Tourists, forget the usual crappy souvenir shops and try and get your products into more upmarket shops in the area where there maybe a link between your product and theres.
3.The highest figure selling producer in the country does not sell anything directly to the public or by post but in specialist centres. make a note.don't think by offering good prices you'll get customers, you won't.The people who buy figures for a song think that they should get museum quality for a few quid. many are deranged and i'm not joking.
4.try and get your sculpting done by third world people who are the business, people who know what it about, you can get some great people this way and because the price is much lower you'll be able to create a big range if you want. Paying 500 pounds in the UK for one sculpt is just not on. I believe King and Country work like this.
The money you pay them will be a fortune to them but only a tenth of what you might pay in the west.You will be helping someone as well.
5. make sure you hav e simple but effective packaging. I usually use wooden boxes which I decoupage but this is time consuming. Just get blisters done and a plain envelope below.

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