Thursday, 3 February 2011

hellcat kits

The Hellcat can be regarded as the best carrier-based fighter aircraft to be used

by the Allies during World War 2. Despite its ponderous appearance and considerable

weight, it possessed outstanding handling qualities, which were guaranteed

by the powerful PW R-2800 engine. Combined with its robust structure,

this enabled it to face the various types of Japanese fighters which were present

in the Pacific Ocean theatre. The Hellcat entered service in 1943 and quickly

became the standard fighter of the American Navy. Although initially used only

as a fighter, it was later used an as air support aircraft for troops, using various

size bombs and air-to-surface rockets. The F6 was used by the Royal Navy in

Asia and the north Atlantic, while the French Navy, who received it after the war,

used it until the mid 50s

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