Monday, 14 February 2011

I Married a monster

Most muslim women in the uk will get it together with a white geezer if they can, you see it more and more these days on the tube on buses on the grass in the park.Its something you never ever saw once. And why not, some of the pakistani or iranian birds are beauts, this one got black eyes.

The alternative is below , an American woman married a Muslim.

"It is true Muslims do beat their wives, if not with their hand, its with there strict ways and controlling habits.

I know for a fact that it is true because I am a young American woman and I am married to a Muslim man. I have two kids from the past that is not his but he loves them as if they were his. But the problem is that we have no life.

Ever since we got married, he is very controlling. In 5 years, he has hit me 4 times.

Once we have got married, everything changed. I no longer have a car because he thinks I do not need one. I am not allowed to work. He dose not won't me to have anything to do with my family, see them or phone them unless it is my mother.

Me and my kids stay in the house all the time. We never get to go any where unless it is to shop for food at the store.

He is very strict. He checks my phone call records to make sure that I am not taking to anyone that I am not suppose to be talking to.

He tells me when to cook, when to wash, when to sleep, and what to wear. I have to wear long skirts. I am not allowed to wear pants.

My husband works 15 hours a day, while me and the kids are stuck in the house because he demands I must obey him. I am not allowed to have any friends.

No matter what I say or do he never trusts me. And I am below him. No matter what I say it is not important; no matter what I need, it is not Important to him. But everything he need or wants he gets and everything must be about him.

I am a good American women. His food is cooked everyday when he gets home, the house is cleaned very well everyday. I am a good house wife and I obey his every command.

I am crying as I write this e-mail because I am being abused by strictness and there is nothing I feel that I can do because I no longer have a job to support my kids. I have no family that will take me and my kids in if I leave.

I have no car. Before marriage, I had a job, I had a car and I supported my kids. He has taken everything away from me including my self-confidence.

I feel useless to myself and my kids. I have no outside life, friends, family, support, or help. I am always depressed and crying, never happy always sad.

Before I was a person who always smiled; no matter what, I could over come it. I was a happy person and loving no matter what. I'm still loving; I will help anyone, give them my last penny and the shirt off my back. I have a good heart and I am a good wife. I do not drink, club or ever done drugs because I came from a good family. He has taken everything from me and still demands more, I have nothing more to give and I feel so sad and useless because I can't help myself.

I cry day and night asking god why me. I am a good person what have I done to be punished like this. All I want to do is take my kids to the park, out to eat, to the beach, have family, friends or just some one to make me feel like I am needed other than cooking and cleaning.

Can some one please help me. I am to young for this and the outside world is passing by while me and my kids life is inside the house only. I am drowning in my own tears with no way out and I can't take it anymore. I want my kids to have a life while they are young"

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