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The support of the West gave Stalin legitimacy.This atlantic jeep looks like it has soviets inside. nice model

Material support was much more substantial than jeeps.

Aircraft 14,795

Tanks 7,056

Jeeps 51,503

Trucks 375,883

Motorcycles 35,170

Tractors 8,071

Guns 8,218

Machine guns 131,633

Explosives 345,735 tons

Building equipment valued $10,910,000

Railroad freight cars 11,155

Locomotives 1,981

Cargo ships 90

Submarine hunters 105

Torpedo boats 197

Ship engines 7,784

Food supplies 4,478,000 tons

Machines and equipment $1,078,965,000

Non-ferrous metals 802,000 tons

Petroleum products 2,670,000 tons

Chemicals 842,000 tons

Cotton 106,893,000 tons

Leather 49,860 tons

Tires 3,786,000

Army boots 15,417,001 pairs

One of the longest-running myths about Army jeeps is the idea that somewhere, somehow you can buy a jeep in a crate for $50 (or other amount, adjusted for inflation). This idea has been around now at least since WW II. I heard the story off and on  when it was about Willys MB or GPWs. It was always the same: some guy down at the fire house knew where you could get Army jeeps in crates for $50; they only need a battery and tires. Maybe they're packed in cosmolene. But you have to get your friends together and buy 10 (or 50) at a time.I tried to track it down several times, but the "guy at the fire house" always was off-duty when I went by, or it turned out it was actually his cousin who knew the details but the cousin was out of town, etc. etc. More recently, I heard that there was a government-owned cave full of factory-new M-151s ("somewhere out west")-- you could buy them for $1500 each, but of course you had to buy 10 at a time. By now its probably the same story about HMMWVs


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