Sunday, 26 June 2011

Ian Jopson airfix metal 54mm

I bought these from Ian Jopson or Jobson some years ago, he had a really nice home line of original products plus these Airfix metal. Is he still go going if so send his address. Someone did here he is
16 Ramsgate Drive
Ipswich, Suffolk

He said this

For various reasons, including the new production of plastic Airfix figures, my going back to college (at 56), and lack of spare time while researching and writing a thesis, I have put Old Hall Miniatures onto a back burner for a couple of years.
I still deal with a few established regulars, but am not producing anything new at the moment. Time will tell if I get back up and running again.

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  1. March 16th 2016. I've just come across your mention of my small efforts to reproduce the old Airfix figures. Unfortunately, by the time I finished college back in 2005/6 and wanted to get back in action the moulds had deteriorated so as to be unusable, and retirement meant that I no longer had the werewithall to replace them. Added to that the changes in Airfix ownership I wasn't sure if the current manufacturers would be happy with my continuing, so I never got round to it. I still have the original letter from Humbrol giving permission, so suppose I could start again if I felt like it, but that's unlikely.
    I see some of the sets are going on e-bay for large prices! Ah well.