Sunday, 26 June 2011

my collection Verdun

this is from a Dutkins mould and its not bad although I really need to bump up the painting. Its said that dutkins just copy other soldiers for their moulds and I think in some cases thats true. its for sure that Dorset use the moulds of Britains or remould Britains as in some of their soldiers, you can see that in their Knights of Agincourt they do, and these  are Britains.
 I asked about it to the owner out of curiosity but got a "don't worry about it" answer. Anyway thats there business not mine and i'm in favour of people using moulds that are no longer commercial to make new products.
.I suppose Britains don't care or don't know or the thing is that soldiers are out of copyright.
This was sent to me by someone in Texas who sent it out of the blue for some reason although Im thankful.
The only prob with this soldier is that the metal used is far too heavy and theres no bayonet so I'll give him one soon when I've finished the paint job.
Will let you see the finished product as soon as its ready

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